a branch in London??
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A Branch in London?
Of course there are many advantages . . . the prestige of a London address, the ease of communication and personal contact with your customers and partners, simplified operations, potential for tax reduction, proposal preparation, invoices, purchase orders in English. . . in short, everything that gives your company the prestige of having a branch in London and the respect it generates. A new market for affluent people! 

However, the cost of it makes the idea impractical, does it not?
Usually yes. And, besides the cost, the difficulties of everything necessary to become established in England. But we can help, ease everything and provide a working branch in record time for an infinitely lower price than it would cost normally.
What can we offer?
  • Prestigious London address
  • London phone with English or Portuguese support
  • London E-mail Address - Website in English plus Portuguese
  • Correspondence with letterhead with branch office data in London
  • Company registered with Companies House.
  • Accounting and tax follow-up by a Chartered Accountant
  • Bank Account
  • And much more!

How much will it cost?
Much less than you imagine! Each company is different, needs are different and budgets are different. Therefore, we propose to study each case and present our proposal, including the necessary items with the various options.

Why NeoSat?
 NeoSat Telecoms was established in Rio de Janeiro in 2005 and was instrumental in the planning and implementation of a large network of satellites in Brazil, and later with the operation and maintenance of the network.NeoSat Consulting was incorporated in London in 2015 bringing to the UK a great experience in Brazil and the USA, in high technology companies. NeoSat is established in England, but knows Brazil and Brazilians very well. The chief executive of NeoSat is an English citizen and has lived more than 50 years in Brazil! 

A London Office
Ever thought of having a company in London (Holding, Head Office, Branch, New Activity)?
  • Too ambitious? 
  • Too difficult?
  • Too expensive?
  • Too time consuming? 
  • Is it worth it?
Coming here, registering at Companies House, getting NiNo, proof of address, bank account, office and home rental, lawyer, accountant. . . not too easy if you don´t live in England - everything difficult and time consuming?


NeoSat Consulting does it all! Talk to us, send us an email (filial@neosat-consulting.co.uk) or fill out the form on the contact page
We will get back to you within 24 hours with our proposal. Come to London - it's easy!
Our Proposition
After fully understanding your requirements, we will prepare an individualized proposal for you and your company.
It may or may not include the following items:
  • Prestigious Address in London (conventional or virtual)
  • London phone with English or Portuguese support
  • E-mail address - Website in English as well as Portuguese
  • Correspondence with letterhead with affiliate data in London.
  • Company registered at Companies House. 
  • Accounting and tax follow-up by a Chartered Accountant 
  • Bank account
  • Residence for you and family
  • Legal counsel

Fill out the form on the contact page.
Ongoing Assistance
The prestige of having an office located in the financial center and most cosmopolitan city in the world is a good start!
Our ongoing assistance guarantees the advantage of being able to communicate directly with your customers, your partners, your suppliers - on an equal footing, without language problems, without worrying about being understood!
You present to your partners, customers and suppliers, the face of an international company that cares !

We take care of the office (conventional or virtual), its correspondence, phone calls, proposals, contracts, accounting, marketing, sales, operations. . . whatever it takes!
You choose what you need!

NeoSat Consulting Ltd.


Telephone: +44 203 475 5761

London, SW15 3JW